Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's Here........ (Ginter-geddon is upon us)

It's here!  Finally!  Our long wait is over.  The tenth anniversary (wow!) of Topps Allen & Ginter's Baseball is finally available.

I ended up ordering a case for myself - and over the next few days I'll be busting the entire thing.  I hope to pull some cool stuff worthy of eBay to help me recoup my costs...and I'm sure I'll also end up with a lot of trade bait.

Speaking of trading, I WANT ALL YOUR MINI INSERTS from this year's Ginter set!  I plan to collect them all - and I want to get a start on that immediately (last year I waited too long and now I have a huge want list from 2014).

Stay tuned to my blog, I plan to open the first box shortly!  I can't wait!

And while you wait for me to get ripping, I invite you to check out my trade post that I had scheduled for earlier this morning.  It is surely going to get swallowed up in a sea of Ginter (both on my blog and everyone else's blog)!


Kaiser The Great said...

That looks glorious.

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