Sunday, September 27, 2015

Theme Week: Better Know a Blogger - Recap Episode I

Back in December of 2014, I began a Theme Week that I called "Better Know a Blogger."  At the time, it was my hope that I'd get enough people interested in us better knowing so that I could fill out the week with thematic posts.  Little did I anticipate the interest the theme would have...the idea resonated so well with many in the blogging community that I had to extend the so-called theme "week" through multiple posts spread out over months (yes, months)!

Well, it's time to make the Better Know a Blogger theme week a proper week - and so for this week we will be celebrating those past posts...and in the process, we'll end up with a short collection of posts with links to all of the entries!  Finally, I plan to end the week with my own answers since I never did post them to the blog.

PS:  And if, by chance, this is the first time you've seen this theme week and you'd like to be included...shoot me an email ASAP (I'll need your answers before the end of the week)!

I'm going to go in the order that I posted the entries back when the theme was "live."  For today, that means we get to go back and Better Know the following bloggers (the link brings you to the original blog post):

  • Jared (from Catching Up with Collecting)
  • Weston (from Fantastic Catch)
  • Fuji (from Chronicles of Fuji)
  • Jeroen (from The Dutch Card Guy)
  • Paul (from Wrigley Wax)
  • Matthew (from Dodger Penguin)

One of the sad things about looking back is seeing blogs that no longer appear to be updated...  For our first round of blogs, we seemingly have a couple of blogs on life support (Catching Up with Collecting hasn't been updated since August and Fantastic Catch has been dormant since July).  That's not good numbers - two out of six blogs...

Is it a sign of the times (people move on to the next "big thing" quickly) or is it a sign of the hobby?  Or, perhaps, is it a sign that you can't make any decisions on such a small sample size (the mathematician in me says that's the correct answer).

No matter, give the six Better Know a Blogger entries a read - and then come back tomorrow when I feature the next batch of bloggers!  We'll get through everyone in a single week this time around!


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