Monday, March 28, 2016

Delivery Time! Trade with Reader Brett.

Over the past couple of weeks, I feel like I have written at least one trade post per day...and yet my pile of trade packages sitting on my desk continues to grow!  All things considered, that's a good problem to have!

Today's trade package is courtesy of Brett (he of no blog, according to my sometimes-faulty records).  Brett and I completed a pretty big swap where the bulk of what I ended up with comes from 2015 Topps Stadium Club.

How many cards you ask?  Quite a few...

Amazingly, even with all that help I'm still quite a few short of the full set!  Even so, there are quite a few great cards in that stack...maybe someday I'll write a post showcasing my favorites from the set!

In addition to the Stadium Club cards, Brett also sent along a few of these oversized cards (?) from 1980.

I don't actually know what they are - 1980 was just a couple years before my time...or at least a couple years before I was born!  I did put a single Stadium Club there just for scale.

And, finally, two more "bonus" cards courtesy of Brett - both from 2015 Topps High Tek.

I already owned the Larkin, but you can't go wrong with an extra High Tek Larkin (see my post about the card here if you are interested).  The Johnny Bench was brand new for me though - so that was a nice surprise!

Many thanks for the great trade, Brett!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


Greg Zakwin said...

those big boys are 1980 Topps Supers

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