Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Panini Donruss Group Break Box: Our First Hit!

Earlier today, I busted the entire 2016 Panini Donruss box on video.  While I will post the video, I am first going to go through and post the pack-by-pack breakdown.  That way, whether you prefer to read OR watch, you are in luck with my group break!  I already posted the first two (Dodger heavy) packs this afternoon.  Now, it's time to look at some more packs!

Pack 3:
172.  Salvador Perez - Royals
176.  Mariano Rivera - Yankees
52.  Jake Arrieta - Cubs

62.  Albert Pujols - Angels
48.  Robinson Cano - Mariners
58.  Joey Votto - Reds
Rated Rookie:   41.  Greg Bird - Yankees

1982 Base:  26.  Xander Bogaerts - Red Sox

I like that there are a few legends mixed in the set (Rivera from this pack).  The Rated Rookie brings back good memories for me of olden times Donruss.

Pack 4:
46.  Edwin Encarnacion - Blue Jays
90.  Adrian Gonzalez - Dodgers
103.  Charlie Blackmon - Rockies
178.  Kirby Puckett - Twins

Here's a look at the back of the cards.  No career statistics, but I do like the factoid at the bottom of each card.
174.  Justin Upton - Padres
Base 1982:  Pete Rose - Phillies

Weird for me to see Rose as a Phillie, but I'm sure Doc doesn't mind since he has Philadelphia.
Base 1982 Pink Border:  12.  Bryce Harper - Nationals

A nice parallel for the Nats (a team that ended up being randomized since they went unclaimed - congrats to Tony for landing a great secondary team in the break)!
Jersey Kings:  JK-AC.  Aroldis Chapman - Reds

And the first hit out of the box goes to the Reds - my team!  Here's the good news for everyone else...there are still three hits remaining in the box (and the Reds won't get any more of them) - and that's noteworthy because the box was only supposed to contain three hits but we landed four!  As for this particular hit, it's nice enough even if Chapman is no longer a Red.  I don't actually collect Aroldis cards though, so I may actually end up putting this on eBay (or trading it should someone be interested).

I'll have more packs soon!  I hope everyone is enjoying the early returns from the group break.


Tony L. said...

Can't complain about a pink Harper!

Once a Cub said...

What a difference a couple of seasons make when the Nats are left behind but the Cubs were scooped up before I saw the post!

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