Thursday, October 06, 2016

Barry Larkin Collection 481: 1998 Upper Deck - #65 - 5"x7" Blow Up Insert

Barry Larkin
Year:  1998
Brand:  Upper Deck
Insert set:  5"x7" Blow Up
Card number:  65

The Blow Up insert set is also referred to as partial parallel set (but since the entire Blow Up set consists of only 35 cards out of a possible 750 cards in the base set, I think it's more of an insert set).  No matter, the big "gimmick" with this particular set is that the cards are all huge (5" x 7" as the name suggests)!

Other than being oversized (and thus annoying to store in a binder), the card is basically a copy of Larkin's regular base card from the 1998 Upper Deck set.  While I don't have anything more to add to the card image, I would invite you to check out the post on the "original" card - blog reader Joe added some nice information about the possible history of the photograph on the front of the card.

As for the 5"x7" set, rather than trying to re-explain it, I'll simply quote Baseballcardpedia:

This 35-card parallel set captures a selection of players taken from each of the three series of 1998 Upper Deck. Besides the obvious difference in size, these 5" by 7" cards also lack the foil stamping on front that the standard 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" cards have. The first fifteen cards checklisted below comprise the first series 5 x 7 Blow Up set. These first series jumbo cards were available only via redemption from Upper Deck. Collector's had to send in ten first series wrappers plus $3 to the UD redemption center. The next ten cards checklisted below comprise the second series 5 x 7 Blow Up set. These second series jumbo cards were available only in specially marked mass market retail Series Two Blaster boxes (carrying an $11.99 SRP). Each box contained five Series Two packs and one 5 x 7 Blow Up. The third series 5 x 7 Blow Ups (numbered between 605 and 620 in the listings below) are comprised of selected stars from the Eminent Prestige subset within the Rookie Edition set.


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