Monday, July 03, 2017

Does Topps Archives Lightning Strike Twice? Looking for an Autograph (and base cards)

I recently bought (and opened) my first blaster of 2017 Topps Archives.  Inside that blaster was a nice Cleon Jones autograph.  Not only did I get the auto, but I also hit a nice parallel and managed to avoid all duplicate base cards (except for one).  Needless to say, Topps has suckered me into collecting the set - and so it was off to my local big box store to pick up another pair of Archives blasters to rip.

Each blaster has two coins in it, but since I'm not interested in the coins I decided to leave the coins unopened (and attempt to sell them on eBay to recoup a tiny bit of my costs).  Therefore, we begin the meat of the blog post with the first pack of the blaster.  Also, since I know most people are probably sick of Archives already, I won't be typing up every name in each pack.  Instead, I'm simply going to show the highlights.

Pack 1:

Nothing much happening in the first pack, though the "cinder block wall" Williams card did catch my eye only because it was a strange background.

Pack 2:

A nice Sandy Koufax Bazooka card was the highlight of the second pack.  I particularly like the young fans in the background of the photograph.  Easily one of the better Bazooka inserts that I've seen so far.

Pack 3:

The "highlight" of this pack, if you will, was a gray back parallel of Mike Piazza.  These are rare parallels (falling 1:137 packs) but they don't do much for me.  Hopefully someone on eBay will want this card!

Pack 4:

An Alex Reyes Rookie Stars insert led the way for pack 4.  I've now pulled two of these inserts (different players) in two blasters which is somewhat remarkable since they are seeded 1:14 packs.

Pack 5:

A peach parallel of Kyle Seager showed up in pack 5.  The card is numbered 147/199 on the back - not a bad pull seeing as how the peach parallels are seeded 1:18 packs.

Pack 6:

The requisite Derek Jeter Retrospective card showed up in the sixth pack (just as it did in the previous blaster if I recall correctly).  I have no use for these - so it'll probably end up on eBay as well.

Pack 7:

Pack 7 ended the blaster with a sort of fizzle, though I do like the Clemente base card.

That does it for the blaster - no autograph this time around but I did get a rather rare parallel.  In the end, I needed every base card that I pulled except for four (two Mets and two White Sox that I had already gotten from the group break).  Not bad at all.  Next up, the last of the blasters that I bought (at least for now).  Let's hope that one yields an autograph!


P-town Tom said...

Cinder block baseball wall? Wow, that's unique! Thanks for sharing the picture of the Ted Williams card.

Fuji said...

The Bazooka insert set is truly beautiful. As for the cinder block wall... I think that's a first for me. Very cool.

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