Contest Time! My Favorite Card of 2017!

P-Town Tom is holding a contest where you are supposed to blog about your favorite card (baseball or otherwise) from 2017.  I haven't entered a contest lately so I figured I'd throw my hat into the proverbial ring for this one.

For me, my 2017 baseball card purchases basically boiled down to three sets:  Topps Archives, Topps Allen & Ginter, and Topps Gallery.  I didn't get anything super amazing out of either A&G or Gallery this year, but Archives was a different story!

For Archives,most of my packs were lackluster, to be sure.  However, there was one pack that made all of the other purchases worthwhile. That pack?  It held what is probably the best (or second best perhaps to a Hank Aaron autograph pulled years and years ago) card that I've ever discovered.

The card?  A Frank Thomas on card autograph, numbered out of 20, on his original 1990 Topps rookie card.

It's an amazing card - and while I did sell it to recoup my investment in the rest of the Archives set, pulling it was an amazing feeling that definitely triggered the same sort of elation and joy that I imagine a gambler would feel when they beat the house at a game.

This year's choice for best card was easy...even if the card wasn't exactly produced in 2017 - I mean, the autograph and stamp were from 2017 but the card itself was from 1990.  A great pull for sure...and easily the best thing I found in a pack of cards this year!

PS:  Thanks for the contest opportunity P-Town.  It's fun to look back at the good times!


  1. I love this contest because it allows us to see the best of the best one more time. I forgot about this mighty pull of yours... definitely a worthy selection!


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