Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Fourth of July Baseball Cards! MASSIVE RETAIL PULL!

I want to wish everyone a happy (and safe) 4th of July!  What better way to celebrate our nation's independence than by opening up some baseball cards?

Ok, ok.  There are probably a lot of better ways...but truth be told, I'm writing this post about two weeks prior to the 4th of July, who knows how I'm actually celebrating right now!

This is my third Topps Archives blaster (you can find the results of the previous two blasters, including an autograph, by looking back to the past two days' worth of posts).  Now, we move on to the third and final blaster that I have purchased.

Pack 1:

After opening two blasters without finding any, I had kind of forgotten about the Retro Original insert set (seeded 1:14 packs).

Pack 2:
Nothing of note here and frankly I am kind of tiring of scanning base cards!  I am, however, happy to acquire base cards since I am working on the full base set (see my want list here).

Pack 3:

I'm not overly familiar with the 2003 Topps flagship set - it's not an awful looking design based on this Jeter Retrospective card.  For me, '03 was smack dab in the middle of my college years and during that period I had no money (or time) to spend on baseball cards so a lot of cards from the early 00s are still a mystery to me.

Pack 4:
Another pure base card pack, that seems to be about par for the course in a blaster of Archives this year (and I'm not complaining - it's actually refreshing that Topps toned down the insert overload a bit).

Pack 5:
The third insert free pack of the blaster - and this one had a bunch of duplicate base cards for me (boo!).  Not the best blaster so far, let's hope there's some magic in the final two packs.

Pack 6:

Not exactly magic (seeded 1:7 packs) but this is a nice Bazooka card of Alex Bregman.  If I had more time (and money), I might track down the Bazooka set.  However, since I have little time (and even less money), I think I'll sit that set out this year.

Pack 7:

So, how often do you open a pack of cards and exclaim "holy s***!"  Because, that's pretty much what happened when I sorted through the final pack of an otherwise lackluster blaster of cards.  That's a Frank Thomas Topps Originals autograph, numbered 13/20.  Those are seeded an extremely rare 1:6,930 packs according to the blaster box.

In fact, I was so excited when I pulled the card I had to snap a quick picture and post it on Twitter (so those of you who follow me there might have seen the card back in late June)!
It's amazing how one card can totally make a blaster go from "crap" to awesome!

...and if you were wondering, 27 of the base cards in that blaster turned out to be duplicates.  I think I should stop buy blasters at this point - and what a blaster (or at least, final card in the blaster) to end on!


P-town Tom said...

Stop buying blasters? I dunno, after pulling that hit of the Big Hurt maybe you should go snag another from the shelves.

B Man said...

What the heck, what a great pull. Congrats!

Dennis said...

Holy hell, dude, congrats! Not sure how the retail searchers missed that one. GREAT pull!

Matthew Scott said...

Well done!!!!!

Jafronius said...

Awesome pull! Happy 4th to you as well!

The Lost Collector said...

That's unreal! Congrats!

defgav said...

Awesome Frank!

Cardboard Jones said...

Wowzers. Awesome pull of the Big Hurt!

Sport Card Collectors said...

Congrats on the amazing pull!

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