Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Great Reorganization: Step 32: The Desk that Just Won't Get Clean!

It's been almost a full year since I last had a post for my ever-so-slow Great Reorganization of my cardboard collection.  While I have made a small bit of progress over the past 11 months, it seems that if I'm not posting about it I allow myself to basically slack off in terms of actually organizing much! 

Therefore, today's post is as much for me and my collection as it is for anything else.  That's right, I'm throwing down a challenge to myself...and I'm putting on here for the world to hold me accountable. 

My challenge?

Get my desk cleaned off of all baseball cards before I buy another pack or box of cards.  That's right.  I have to quit "cold turkey" until I actually make honest progress in terms of reorganizing my collection - and that has to start with what is currently on my desk (since I don't have room to do any other reorganizing if my desk is already covered in cards)!

I started the process of getting my desk straightened out by listing a bunch of 2018 Allen & Ginter hits that I have available for trade.  A discerning eye may be able to spot the pile of A&G hits that is still on my desk but at least those are sorted...and who knows, maybe I'll have most (all?) of them in the mail before too long...and if they are in the mail, they are off my desk so win/win!!

Hopefully, I will continue to clear off my desk in the upcoming week or two.  I have a bunch of 2018 Allen & Ginter trade bait of the base card and insert variety that I need to get listed on the blog.  If all goes well, that post should go up sometime in the very near future - and when it does, that will eliminate three piles off the desk in one swoop. 

There's hope yet.  Which is a good thing or else I won't be buying packs of baseball cards ever again!


Matt said...

Good luck!

P-town Tom said...

I actually really enjoy the organization part of collecting... as long as it doesn't involve a 5000-count box of junk wax I don't know what to do with.
Have fun!

Fuji said...

Best of luck. I probably should take this challenge myself.

Matt Stupienski said...

Hey, an openbinders coupon! I have that same one! They're great for the old ginter cards :D

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