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Barry Larkin Collection 888: 1990 Star Nova - #102

Barry Larkin
Year:  1990
Brand:  Star Nova
Card number:  102

I'm back with the next 1990 Star Nova card that I've been able to recently add to my collection - no small feat since there were only 500 of each card produced (which is a miniscule number for the early 90s baseball card era)!  This is the second (of three) 1990 Star Nova cards that I purchases (see the first one that I've shown off previously here).  In total, I now own 7 of the 10 cards (counting the rare promo card that I am missing).  

As for the card itself, I have to say that I love the shot of the ball in mid-air from Larkin's throw.  You've also got the old Atlanta Braves logo on the wall in the background which definitely gives a rather dated look to the photo (in a good way).  Pretty sweet stuff - plus the card itself celebrates Larkin's 1989 Silver Slugger (Eric Davis also won a Silver Slugger for the Reds in 1989 which is cool)!

Hopefully someday I'll find the last few cards that I need from this set, but until then I do have one more to show off in a future post - so stay tuned for that!