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Barry Larkin Collection 909: 1990 Cadaco Discs

Barry Larkin
Year:  1990
Brand:  Cadaco Discs
Card number:  none

The 1990 version of the Cadaco Disc Larkin "card" looks remarkably similar to the 1989 disc.  There are three main changes, however.  The first change is that the back of the 1990 card includes 1989 stats (obviously that couldn't happen for the 1989 version).  The second change is that Cadaco didn't screw up Barry's disc in 1990, there's only one version (unlike the four versions in 1989).  And third, the numbers around the edge of the disc are in a slightly different order as compared to the 1989 version (namely the 4 now resides in the middle of the two 7s).  

Other than the minor changes, there's not much else to add here.  It's another decent oddball card from my childhood - and that's good enough for me!