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Grabbing the Christmas White Whales on eBay!

So far in 2022, I haven't been overly impressed by any baseball card releases.   The 2022 Topps flagship design wasn't interesting to me and from there it only seemed to get worse as the year drug on (of course, it also doesn't help that many sets I'm often interested in have been delayed for months *cough* Ginter *cough*).  

With nothing new to capture my baseball card collecting interests, I decided to focus even more on older sets that I do find interesting.  While most of that focus has been directed to my rather large want list, I did make the decision to chase after a few new-to-me sets as well this year including the 2000 Pacific Ornaments insert set.  

Before 2022 started, I believe I owned exactly one card from this set...and now?  I'm waiting on two more cards to arrive in the mail and then I'll have the full set!  While I don't yet have the final two cards in hand, I do have two of the toughest cards to get in the set in hand now - Derek Jeter and Ken Griffey, Jr.!  Both of these cards arrived thanks to eBay purchases (a rare instance where eBay was cheaper than COMC or Sportlots)!

I found it kind of interesting how both Jeter and Griffey get the same stocking die-cut design (the set features a number of different die-cut designs - see my earlier post for more cool designs).  I think this set is going to look awesome in the binder once it's finally all in my possession.  It'd probably also look kind of neat on a Christmas tree but I don't think I'll be doing that (I'm doubtful my wife would approve of that particular decorating idea)!

Looking forward, I'm still hoping that the 2022 Allen & Ginter set actually releases sometime this year (the latest delay pushed the release date back to November) but, if nothing else, at least there are a number of interesting older sets for me to chase!  


  1. I actually saw a couple of these in the wild for the first time this weekend. I passed as I don't want to start another project, but they are cool cards.

  2. Which wife is going to step up and allow these on the Christmas tree, come on, there's got to be one!


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