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Awesome Mail Day from Ryan - Custom Cardboard, Books, Relics, Autographs, You Name It!

I'm still working towards getting my table that sits behind my computer desk cleaned off.  It's one of my 2023 New Year's Resolutions...and has been for multiple years but I'm certain that this year I'll actually succeed in getting the table cleared off (at least for a day)!

One thing that's been on that desk for quite some time is my mail, more specifically for today, a package from blog reader, friend, and Fantasy Baseball commissioner, Ryan.  Some of you may remember Ryan's name from his wonderful custom mini set that he created (his Munnatawket minis - and one of my posts about those from way back in 2014) others may remember a trade package that I received last year from Ryan full of disc golf discs (see here).  

Well, Ryan is back at it sending me cool trade packages!  This time around, there were no disc golf discs but there was a new book for me to check out - one that should fit in very well with the general content of my blog!

Thanks to my recent Not-So-Secret Santa returns and now Ryan's trade package, I've got quite a few books to get read!  I tend to read novels a lot less during the school year but hopefully I'll get at least one or two read prior to the summer.  By the end of summer, hopefully I'll be able to say I've met my 2023 reading Resolution of at least 5 books!  

The rest of the trade package was a bunch of stuff that Ryan thought that either I'd like for myself OR stuff that I could use for contests, giveaways, group breaks, etc.  Both categories of items are appreciated - especially since I continue to try and grow my baseball card Discord Channel and have been running monthly contests/giveaways over there (go here to join my Discord).  

We'll start with a pile of hits, serially numbered cards, and other inserts:

That wasn't it, there were also these:

Pretty nice batch of stuff there!  

In addition to the above cards, Ryan also included a trio of Allen & Ginter packs.  

I'll probably end up using these in group breaks/contests/giveaways but the allure of Ginter is awfully appealing to me so there's also a non-zero chance that I end up opening these packs just because they are within arms reach!  

You may also be wondering if Ryan added to my Munnatawket mini set (answer:  He did not).  However, he did include a few custom cards he made including this sweet N43 signature card (also shown, our Fantasy Baseball league patch).  

Ryan's a great commissioner for Fantasy Baseball - and an even better friend and trader!  I also love his custom card creations...maybe I can convince him to create a bunch of those N43 style cards for myself that I could include in future trade packages!  I'll be adding Ryan's N43 to my binder that is full of various custom cards that Ryan has created over the years - and yes, that does include his awesome Munnatawket set (for which I'll give a full page preview here):

Oh, did I crop that in such a way to tease card #0 without a full reveal?  Surely that was an accident on my part.  A closer look at the first page of the Munnatawket set will show both my "base card" as well as Ryan's.  I'll probably never be featured in an official Topps Allen & Ginter set so this version based on the 2008 Ginter design is the next best thing!  Heck, I actually love that card of me that Ryan created - that photo is super old now (before gray hair and, perhaps coincidentally, a child).

I do have some extra Munnatawket minis available for trade, so feel free to let me know if you are interested in those!  

Thanks a ton, Ryan, for all the goodies!  I'll be seeing you on the (fantasy baseball) field soon!


  1. I have a Trout Munnatawket card--always wondered about it's origins. Now I know, thanks.

    1. Yep, custom cards by Ryan. If you click on the Munnatawket 2014 tag on the blog post you can find some more articles on my blog where I talk about the set in a bit more detail. Ryan made the entire set himself, I take no credit for any of it (but it's definitely one of the best custom card sets I've seen).

  2. I still have all my Munnatawket minis!


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