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Barry Larkin Collection 935: 1992 Panini Stickers Canadian - #265

Barry Larkin
Year:  1992
Brand:  Panini Stickers Canadian
Card number:  265

Although not technically a card, I do count the Panini Stickers as part of my Barry Larkin Collection.  This particular one is the Canadian (i.e. French) version of the 1992 Panini Sticker - other than the addition of the French text it's the same sticker as the English version (which I featured on my blog way back in 2014)!

I have to admit that the Panini Stickers aren't my favorite, but I am definitely happy to have this rarer French version for my collection.  I can't explain why, but for me I great enjoy this particular sticker even if I'm lukewarm (at best) on the regular English version.  Maybe it's the "Aujeu!" on the back of the card that gets me excited, I don't really know?!  

No matter, this is yet another tough-to-find "card" that I now have tucked safely away in my Barry Larkin Collection binder.  My Larkin collection for the year 1992 is nearly complete - to the best of my knowledge, I'm only missing four more Barry Larkin cards from 1992.  For those wondering, here's what I'm still searching for:
  • 1992 3 Cartwrights Players Choice MVP - Blue Foil
  • 1992 61 Investor's Journal - Blue foil
  • 1992 39 RBI Magazine 
  • 1992        38 SCD Sports Card Price Guide Monthly
That's it.  Four cards that could best be described as "oddball" - two of the four are "oddball oddballs" as they happen to be variations of oddballs themselves!  I have no idea who common or rare any of the above four cards are but I have to assume they are at least semi-rare since it's been over 30 years and I still haven't acquired any of them!