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Barry Larkin Collection 941: 1993 Pinnacle - #300

Barry Larkin & Gary Sheffield
Brand:  Pinnacle
Card number:  300

The most interesting thing about this card to me is that Barry is featured on card #300 as part of the Idols subset and then he's featured again on card #306 as part of the Hometown Heroes subset.  Personally, I prefer the Idols subset design mostly because it feels different from the regular '93 Pinnacle set.  I also like the fact that on this card it's Barry Larkin who is the one being idolized, this time by Gary Sheffield (who was a pretty good player in his own right)!  I don't love the card design (Pinnacle was never my cup of tea) but I do like the concept of the subset quite a bit.


  1. This Idols subset is interesting and cool... especially when guys selected people outside of their sport like DeShields (Malcolm X) and Dykstra (Ken Stabler). This card is a little weird though... since Larkin is only a few years older than Sheffield. I know that there are no age requirements in regards to idols... but I guess most of my idols growing up were much older than me.


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