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Monday's are for TCDB: GeoGeo, saber34, and TheHawk

Last week, I was ecstatic on Monday because I had a huge pile of mail from TCDB trades and it was the first day of my spring break from work.  This Monday, I'm decidedly less excited because it's back to work...and my TCDB trade haul isn't quite as large (though it's still solid)!

Let's start with a simple swap with user GeoGeo:

That's a 2023 Topps 35th Anniversary Chrome card and I was able to grab that Larkin in exchange for one of the 35th Anniversary Chrome cards that I ended up with from my own box that I opened.  That's my idea of a wonderful trade - and probably a decent excuse to buy a single box of a product that I'm interested in but also proof that buying more wax than that is probably for suckers!

Next up, from user saber34 comes more 2023 Topps cards, this time it's a pair of All Aces inserts:

I actually traded for that Manoah last week so now I've got a bit more trade bait to (hopefully) finally finish off the All Aces set soon!

Finally, my last TCDB package of the week comes from user TheHawk.

That's yet another card from this year's Topps set!  Yep, still working on those All Aces inserts though now I'm down to needing only one more card (once the others that I've traded for show up in my mailbox, of course).  

Last week wasn't the busiest mail week but I still made some solid progress on a set collection plus I nabbed a new Larkin so I'm happy overall!