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Board Game Friday: May 2023 Board Game Plays Recap!

Another month is in the books so it's time to look at my board game plays for May 2023.  Back during my April recap post, I mentioned that my son set a goal of playing 100 games with me in May.  I figured there was no way that'd happen but why not try?

Well, never count him out I guess because he ended up playing 101 games this month!  For me, I ended up with a whopping 118 plays on the month, easily the most games I've ever played in a single month and it's all thanks to my son wanting to play, play, play!  

Here's a visual recap of my month in board gaming:

As you can see, most of my plays were with my son.  Obviously, he is loving various Ticket to Ride games right now (Ticket to Ride London & New York are both particularly nice when trying to play lots of games because they are so quick).  In fact, out of the 22 different games I played this month, my son (who turned 5 this month, mind you) played 15 of them!

Also, if you missed it, in May I did post game reviews of two of the games from above (Ticket to Ride:  New York and Dinosaur Exhibit).

Overall, what an amazingly fun month of gaming.  I can only hope that my son continues to like to play board games with me - once he can read then we'll really have a lot of games to try!  We didn't set a goal for the month of June yet but I'm thinking something like him playing 20 different games in the month.  That might be a good way to get him to suggest playing games other than Ticket to Ride variations each day!


  1. Whoa... that's a lot of games in a month. Such a great way to have fun with your son. Congratulations to him for reaching his goal.


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