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Delivery Time! Surprise Thank You Cards from Dillard's Dugout

Earlier this week, I received a surprise PWE in the mail from Michael over at the relatively new Dillard's Dugout blog.  Michael recently started his blog and reached out to me with a pair of Larkin cards as a "thank you" of sorts for my blog.

The Flair Showcase card is particularly nice - I love that set though it's a confusing mess of parallels!  While I wanted to make sure to thank Michael for the cards, I'm even more interested in helping him get some more eyes on his blog.  I know that it's tough to get anyone to read your stuff (my own blog has days where I don't get all that many visitors) but it's much tougher to get eyes on your stuff when you are just getting started!  

So yeah, your assignment for today is to check out Dillard's Dugout and maybe leave a comment for Michael.  After all, we all love blog comments - it helps us to know that there are actual people reading our stuff!


  1. Wow! Thanks for the plug! I was hoping for a mention, not the whole post! So cool!

  2. I've been following him, but yeah, people should definitely give his blog a look; as they won't be disappointed!


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