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TCDB Monday: A Light Week but Still a Success

Monday's are for TCDB

Another Monday, another TCDB weekly recap post!  This past week saw a number of PWEs arrive at my house but unfortunately time isn't on my side right now so I'm only able to show off a single envelope for this week's post.  Don't worry, next week should see a loaded recap post on Monday!

Today's lone card comes courtesy of TCDB user George1369:

That's a 2012 Topps Archives "In Action" insert of Ken Griffey, Jr. - one of the last two cards that I needed from that particular set (for the record, the only remaining card I need is the one of Jacoby Ellsbury).  I'm pleased to make some progress on a 2012 set need, that Topps Archives set has been a true doozy to try and complete!

Remaining 2012 Topps Archives Wants:
Classic Combos:  58- LM, SF
In Action:  82IA- JE

Yep, only three more cards to go before I can finally close the proverbial binder on that set!  

I'm hoping to be in a better head space for blogging as the week goes on, and certainly by next Monday I hope to be able and willing to write up a much longer post with all of the various trades I've completed recently.