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Barry Larkin Collection 1,027: 1995 Ultra - #10 - All-Stars Gold Medallion

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Ultra
Card number:  10
Insert set:  All-Stars
Parallel:  Gold Medallion

Series 2 of the 1995 Ultra set had the All-Stars insert set.  That particular set wasn't overly rare (cards were seeded 1:4 packs) but there was a parallel of that set called Gold Medallion which is what you see above.  The parallel cards were much tougher pulls (seeded 1:40 packs instead)!  Of course, pulling the specific player you wanted was even tougher since the All-Star set had a total of 20 cards.  

As for the card itself, the parallel basically mimics the regular All-Star card (which I showed off previously here).  The only real difference between the regular card and the parallel is the gold medallion stamp on the card front.  That's right, an ugly card got even uglier thanks to the gold stamp.  Overall, I'd say this is a textbook example of a completely pointless parallel.  

And yet...I purposely tracked down a copy for my Barry Larkin Collection.  I guess that might say as much about me and my collecting habits as anything.


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