Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Barry Larkin Collection 341: 1995 Fleer Ultra - #10 - All-Star Insert

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Fleer Ultra
Insert set:  All-Star
Card number:  10

Let's be honest, the year 1995 wasn't great in terms of designs for the Fleer baseball card company.

While I normally really like the Fleer Ultra line, the regular base card design is an abomination (perhaps even worse than Fleer's infamous 1995 flagship offering).  Fleer compounded the problem by making a terribly pointless parallel for their Ultra line.  Then, to throw some icing on this turd cake of a set, Fleer stuck Barry Larkin in two different insert sets.  The first was an Award Winner set in which the card design looks like it was made by a drunk monkey using MS Paint and the other was the hideous All-Star card you see above.

While all of the above is reason enough to hate 1995 Fleer Ultra, it actually gets worse according to Baseballcardpedia.

That hideous All-Star card featured above?

Yeah, there's a parallel of it.

Same with the Award Winner set.  Ugh.  That's two more cards that I need to track down from a set that I definitely do not care for one little bit...  The so-called joys of being a player collector I guess!


Joe Frecker said...

Hate on Fleer all you want, but not on Barry Larkin in his MVP season. Any 1995 card of his is precious to me, especially one that says All Star. Did you notice that Barry's belt puts a cap on the LL's to make it look like a number 11? Coincidence? Of course, but trying to find something cool in this card. 3 different pictures are neat.

Nachos Grande said...

I generally like Fleer's stuff but 1995 is a year to forget in terms of Fleer designs. It's definitely unfortunate that was Larkin's MVP year!

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