Delivery Time! Trade with Stephen at The Easy Life

Another day, another package in the mail (and isn't it great to have a package in the mail?!) This time, the package was from Stephen at The Easy Life. Stephen and I traded once before, and hopefully, we will trade again soon as they seem to work out quite well for both of us.

This time, I sent Stephen a pile of Upper Deck Baseball Heroes (over 60 I believe) plus some New York Mets. In return, Stephen sent me a few cards off my want lists PLUS my first current Cincinnati Reds autograph ever!

Here's what I got:

2008 Goudey: Barry Sanders and Michael Jordan. I'm still working on this set, the overwhelming number of short prints has proven to be quite the task to try and find...whether on eBay or via trades, so I'm always ecstatic when someone has one (or more) to trade me. As an aside, I still need ONE more common card from the Goudey base set, #170. I would be grateful to anyone who has one to send me.

2008 Goudey Hit Parade of Champions: Magic Johnson, Patrick Roy, Manny Ramirez. I don't about this little (in card size) set. Some days I like it, other days I don't. Either way, I'm over halfway there to completion.

2008 Topps Series 2 relic: Adam Dunn. Sure it's just a blank white swatch of cloth - but it's a Cincinnati Red swatch of cloth! I never, ever seem to pull Reds relics, so this card was much appreciated and will be treasured for sure. The card is still in the protective wrapper as well, always nice.

2007 Upper Deck Elements Autograph: Bronson Arroyo. A Reds autograph in the same trade! Bronson has been Jekyll and Hyde since coming to the Reds - but this card is quite nice. It even shows Bronson's famous "toy soldier" leg kick. I don't believe I've ever seen any Upper Deck elements card from 2007 - they seem like they are kind of neat.

Thanks again Stephen! And if I ever pull any more Mets relics or autos, you'll be the first to know.


  1. I am glad that you liked the cards! I just got another dunn GU card that will be posted up in the next few days!

  2. These entries remind of times not very long ago when me and the rest of the kids would trade cards. Nothing wrong with keeping a good thing alive either!

    I like the Goudy cards, and I still have quite a few MJ cards in my possession, too.

    Good stuff buddy!

  3. That Magic card is sweet

  4. I think you stumbled onto a great way to trade here Chris! I'll have to rummage through my collection to see if there is anything of interest.


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