Sunday, April 05, 2009

Barry Larkin Collection 08: 1990 Fleer

Barry Larkin
Brand: Fleer
Card Number: 423

The great thing about baseball cards is that there are always different sets for different folks. Yesterday, I highlighted the Barry Larkin card from the 1990 Donruss set. One of the commenters mentioned that he liked the '90 Fleer set better - so here it is. 1990 Fleer in all its glory.
I like the clean borders, easy to read name/position, and the team logos on the front of the card. I like the full stats on the back of the card...and even the "vital signs" stat box at the bottom has its own bit of charm. Overall, the 1990 Fleer set is everything most 1990s sets are NOT (simple, elegant, and all-together plain). For that reason, like LanceBurnitz, I like the '90 Fleer set quite a bit!
I'm 8 Barry Larkin cards in to my crazy idea of finding, scanning, and writing about every Barry Larkin card I own. For work purposes, it's good that I don't own too many of his cards, but I'm still hopeful of increasing my total despite the fact that new Larkin cards are being made (except for the occassional super high-end cards that I never get)...


LanceBurnitz said...

E-mail me your address man, I may have a Larkin card you may not have. Thanks for posting this card by the way. Ain't it pretty?

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