Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Barry Larkin Collection 15: 1991 Fleer #711

Barry Larkin & Bobby Bonilla
Brand: Fleer
Card number: 711

1990 was a great year for Reds and Pirates fans. The Reds had won the World Series, the Pirates had a great team that made the playoffs, and things were looking promising for both teams. However, a few poor decisions by both teams and the next thing you know, neither team has had much in the way of optimism for the majority of two decades...

The 1991 Fleet set is a return to the good 'ol days for me. This particular set is nice because it features three different Larkin cards (here's the first one). I was always a sucker for the multi-player card growing up, so this was easily one of my favorite cards. However, I don't think the card has aged well. Bonilla, though respectable, never amounted to much more than an after-thought to Barry Bonds. And look at those lovely polyester jerseys - ew!


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