Monday, June 22, 2009

EBay Auctions Ending Today

A friendly reminder that I've listed a bunch of cards on eBay that end today (Monday). All my auctions have free shipping - since I hate when sellers make extra money on shipping I've decided to try and always offer free shipping. As always, if you say with your payment you saw the auction listing on my blog, I'll try to throw in some extras for you!

There are 10 different 2009 Topps commemorative patches, some chrome cards from Heritage, and some X-Men cards that I know nothing about all ending today. I also listed my 2009 Series 1 Topps Gold cards in case you are trying to collect those (no one I know is...but hey).

2009 Topps Gold:

2008 Topps Heritage Chrome:

2009 Greg Maddux patch:

2009 Ichiro patch:

A bunch of X-Men cards that I don't know much about...

I've also listed a Babe Ruth patch, a Carl Yastrzemski patch, an Ernie Banks patch, two different Jimmie Foxx patches(patch 1 and patch 2), a Ted Williams patch, a Walter Johnson patch, and a Roberto Clemente patch.


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