Monday, August 24, 2009

Delivery Time! Trade with Topher from Crackin' Wax

Any day that there's at least one yellow envelope in my mailbox (and preferably no bills) is a good day in my book. One of my latest yellow envelopes came from Topher over at the slick looking Crackin' Wax blog (I keep telling myself that I'll make my blog look "slicker" but it hasn't happened yet and probably never will)... Anyhow, Topher and I recently completed a quick little trade. I sent him three 2009 Allen & Ginter National Pride cards and a sketch card. In return, he sent me the following:

2009 Allen & Ginter:
Regular back mini:
102. Edinson Volquez

I'm ever so slowly adding to my regular back mini collection. I still need a ton of these to complete the entire set but every little bit helps. In this case, it is an extra bonus because this card depicts a Red!

World's Biggest Hoaxes, Hoodwinks, and Bamboozles:
HHB12. Victor Lustig

At the time we worked the trade out, I didn't have this Hoax card. Of course, as it usually seems to happen for me, I bought a blaster a few days later and pulled a Lustig card...which means that this one is up for trade.

2008 Topps Heritage:
Black back parallel:
523. Jose Molina

I loved the 2007 and 2009 Topps Heritage sets, but for whatever reason the 2008 set has really become stale to me already...perhaps it is the agonizingly slow pace that has taken over as I try to acquire the last few remaining cards. With that in mind, I'm extremely thankful to be able to knock another card off the list, I'm only missing five of the black back variations.

Thanks a lot Topher! And of course, if anyone else would like to work out a trade, please check out my want list and make an offer!


Anonymous said...

My pleasure, sir! Any time you want to trade, just look me up!


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