Friday, September 04, 2009

Barry Larkin Collection 27: 2008 Donruss Playoff Prime Cuts Relic #4 - #88/99

Awhile back (and I do mean awhile, in this case, over a month and a half ago), I received a surprise package from Matt over at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. Matt's been on a bit of a hiatus in terms of blogging (though he still cranks out some quality blogs albeit at a slower pace than before)...but he has managed to send me not one, but two different awesome packages out of the blue.

Although Matt said that the first package was more of a "clearing out" type thing and no return necessary, after this second package I know that I owe him big time!

It was only two cards...but boy were they awesome!

A 1992 Barry Larkin itty bitty tiny card from Cracker Jacks. This one will get its own Barry Larkin Collection treatment at a later time.


Barry Larkin
Year: 2008
Brand: Donruss Playoff Prime Cuts
Card number: 4
Note: Bat relic #ed 88/99

This card marks the first Barry Larkin relic card in my Barry Larkin Collection posts! The back of the card is stamped with a serial number (88/99) and promises "the enclosed piece of material was personally worn/used by Barry Larkin in a Professional Baseball Game." Despite the fact that Donruss couldn't show Major League Baseball logos, the card picture itself is still pretty good - it shows Larkin admiring a base hit.

As for the relic, it's housed in an extra thick card - and certainly feels like a very sturdy piece of cardboard!

Thanks a lot Matt, I LOVE the cards you sent - especially this one.


Matt F. said...

Hey Chris,

I got your package yesterday. Thanks for the cards and I'm glad you enjoyed the cards.


Matt F.

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