Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Duel Blaster Wars: 2008 Topps Stadium Club - Pack 1

Target had 2008 Topps Stadium Club blasters marked 50% off. I'm still missing a bunch of cards from the set - sounds like a good chance for me to whittle down my want list!

In the true spirit of Pack Blaster Wars, each pack will be assigned points based on the cards within it. Add up the pack wins and points to determine the winning blaster. Cards on my want list are worth 10 points each (because that was the main purpose of buying the blasters). All other points will be arbitrarily assigned based upon complex algorithms in my mind.

Let's see who wins!

Pack 1

Blaster 1:
40. Eric Chavez
47. Chris Young
86. Justin Morneau (5 points for the "look" that Morneau is apparently giving the umpire. It screams "what do you mean that's a strike buddy?!")

128. Carlos Gonzalez
105A. Chris Carter - First Day Issue (Needed it! +10 points) I'm guessing this is the "version A" card. I have two Chris Carter First Day Issue cards, both of which have different fronts and backs. Does anyone have a Chris Carter First Day Issue card with the same front and back photo? If not, I'm considering this to be the version "A" card.

Total: +15 points

Blaster 2:
38. Hunter Pence
41. Adrian Gonzalez
62. Joba Chamberlain (-2 for being a Yankee. That's right, my blaster break, my rules.)

143. Nick Blackburn
111B. Ryan Tucker - First Day Issue (woo hoo, I needed this one! +10 points)

Total: +8 points

Standings so far:
Blaster 1:
Blaster 2: 8
Total cards knocked off my want list: 2

Stay tuned for the rest of the pack breaks and see who the grand champion blaster is! As always, any card that I didn't list as "needed" are available for trade...check out my want list and make an offer!


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