Monday, November 02, 2009

Topps American Heroes - 5 retail packs.

I purchased two retail blasters of Topps American Heroes a few weeks ago...and then the set seemed to disappear from my local Target's shelves. However, last week I saw a few loose packs sitting in a box on the baseball card shelf so I decided to take a chance with the hopes of landing the few cards I was still missing - how'd I do? Let's see.

Pack 1:
68. Elizabeth Blackwell
73. Clara Barton
77. Herbert Hoover
81. Harry S. Truman
93. August Wilson (I needed it!)
112. Battle of Gettysburg

MOF-23. Medal of Freedom - Frank Robinson (I needed it!)
HSF-28. Heroes of Spaceflight - Apollo 17 (I needed it!)
A decent start - three more cards off the 'ol needs list. I'm not overly keen on most of the inserts, but I LOVE the Heroes of Spaceflight set.

Pack 2:
9. Bud Day
23. Sojourner Truth
26. Jackie Robinson

27. Mary McLeod Bethune
67. Charles Mayo (I needed it!)
87. Silas Deane
115. Battle of Belleau Wood
144. Abraham Lincoln & Barack Obama (I needed it!)

Another two cards that I needed, though one of them is an Obama short print. At this point, I don't care whether you love, hate, or are somewhere in between in regards to your feelings of Obama, do we really need more cards of him?!

Pack 3:
14. Claiborne Pell

33. Ed Pulaski
91. Jacob Riis
97. William Lloyd Garrison
100. Carl Sagan
122. Jackie Robinson Breaks Color Barrier (I needed it!)
Medal of Honor: MOH-50. Daniel Augustus Joseph Sullivan (I needed it!)

A Hero's Journey: HJ-10. Lincoln Reacts to Shots at Sumter

Another couple of cards I needed - and the third consecutive pack with a Jackie Robinson card in it!

Pack 4:
6. Boyd "Buzz" Wagner

28. Emma Willard (I needed it!)
51. Civil Rights Movement
88. Woodrow Wilson (I needed it!)
92. Upton Sinclair (I needed it!)
120. Battle of the Bulge
Heroes of Spaceflight - HSF-15. Gemini XI

Medal of Freedom - MOF-24. Fred Rogers

I don't know what to think about this pack, three base cards that I needed (which is good) but I already had both inserts (obviously bad). Oh well, win some lose some I guess.

Pack 5:
4. Norman Schwarzkopf
12. James Madison

34. Edward Croker
37. John Finn (I needed it!)
78. Jane Addams (I needed it!)
90. Dean Acheson (I needed it!)
111. Seneca Falls Convention

Medal of Honor - MOH-4. Orion P. Howe (I needed it!)

A nice way to end the packs, 4 more cards that I need. At this point, I'm getting close to have the entire base set...

Overall, not a bad bunch of packs. I've posted my wants / have list for Topps American Heroes on the side panel of my blog. As always, you can find all my want lists here.


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