Monday, January 25, 2010

Delivery Time! Trade with Nico from NrMt Cards

Awhile back, I posted some 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum cards that I had for trade. Nico, from the NrMt blog, claimed a bunch of them promising to send me a Barry Larkin card he was sure I didn't have plus some Reds. Well, Nico delivered all counts.

First, he sent me a bunch of Reds - including my favorites:

2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll - Ken Griffey Jr.
Now that Mr. Griffey Jr. is no longer a Red, the Reds don't have the marquee name to fill every insert set in a given base set... I suppose that Joey Votto may become that player in the future, but for now, if I want a Reds' insert card I'll most likely have to go back to early-to-mid 2000 sets and find Griffey cards. That said, this is a pretty nice card. It's classy, even if it has the slighlty goofy combined HR monogram for "Honor Roll".

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes - Johnny Bench
I already own this entire set - but it's still a great card of a player that I can only wish I had been able to see play live...

2005 Fleer - Jason LaRue

I was never much of a fan of Jason LaRue, but I do like the 2005 Fleer set - it's got a nice late 80s vibe to it...much like LaRue's mullet.

2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber - Adam Dunn
Let's play a game with this card. Was Dunn included in the "Leathers and Lumber" set for his:
A. Glove
B. Bat
C. Both

If you answered (A) you are probably reading the wrong blog or else you completely suck at guessing.

2008 Topps - Year in Review - Brandon Phillips
Not a lot to say about this card other than the fact that I like it! It's one of the many newspaper-themed insert sets that I think has actually been done quite nicely.

Nico also sent me a Barry Larkin card that I didn't have (and I suppose he was sure to be correct since the card is also serially-numbered). That card will get its own post in my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection series.


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