Edinson Volquez Gets a 50 Game Suspension. No Big Deal?

So, it turns out Edinson Volquez got busted for performance enhancing drugs.

His punishment?  50 game suspension.

Actual number of games that he'll miss?  Zero.

That's inexcusable.  Look, I'm a Reds fan...and believe me, I know how much the Reds need a healthy, efficient Volquez in the rotation.  However, my loyalty to the Reds doesn't force me to be a blind idiot.  If Volquez broke the drug rules (which he admits he did), then he deserves the fair punishment which is 50 games missed not 50 days-while-on-the-DL-where-he-wasn't-going-to-play-in-those-games-anyhow games missed.  It's already arguably unfair that pitchers and position players both get the same punishment but a pitcher only pitches every 5 days or so while a position player hits the field almost every day...but suspending a guy when he's already not allowed to play because he's on the DL - that's simply a perversion of the rules.

Here's the upshot of what happened for all other major leaguers, specifically those who are injured:
If you are on the 60 day DL you might as well take some performance enhancing drugs, heal quicker, and still get to play when you "normally" would.  Sure, you lose 50 days of salary - but you'll make a lot more money by being a "dependable" player since you came off the DL with a healthy, drug-infused body!

And that, dear readers, is why the so-called suspension is actually a big deal.