Saturday, August 28, 2010

Barry Larkin Collection 62: 1993 Upper Deck Diamond Gallery #22

Barry Larkin
Year:  1993
Brand:  Upper Deck Diamond Gallery
Card number:  22

There aren't a lot of sets from the early '90s that escaped me - but the Upper Deck Diamond Gallery set was one that slipped through the cracks.  Thanks to a trade with BA Benny, I've now acquired a Larkin card that I didn't have from a set that I didn't even know existed!

The front of the card features a small photo of Larkin surrounded by a shiny, holographic background.  If you tilt the card correctly, you can make out an "11" which was Larkin's number with a holographic picture of Larkin superimposed over the number.  In fact, the scan above shows the hologram quite well.

The back of the card features the typical brief stats that Upper Deck was known for along with a full color, crisp photo of Larkin in the field.  Overall, it's a nice little card - and a great addition to my ever growing Larkin Collection!


Offy said...

This was sold in complete box set form only so that might be why it escaped your attention. Upper Deck put out a decent number of these in the 90s.

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