Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Barry Larkin Collection 82: 1992 Fleer Ultra - #191

Barry Larkin
Year: 1992
Brand:  Fleer Ultra
Card number:  191

The Fleer Ultra line of cards was a mysterious, almost mystical line when I was a kid.  I remember getting a couple of Fleer Ultra cards from a kid in my class that I traded with...and that was exciting.  My only place to buy cards back then was at a nearby CVS Pharmacy, so you can imagine my surprise seeing high quality, glossy cards like this one when I was used to drab cardboard '92 Topps cards.

As for the card itself, it still holds up well a couple of decades later.  The front has a nice action shot (I especially like the bat that hasn't quite landed on the ground yet).  The back of the card is also nice, though the fake marble effect is something best left to the 90s.  I do like the bright team logo though (of course).


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