Monday, January 31, 2011

Barry Larkin Collection 90: 1988 Topps Tiffany - #102

Barry Larkin
Year:  1988
Brand:  Topps Tiffany
Card number:  102

Before aquiring this card (thanks to Paul from Carl Crawford Cards), I had no idea what Topps Tiffany cards were.  Oh sure, I had heard of the set - and seen it in price guides and the like, but I had no idea what the fuss was about.  Now that I have one, I still don't see what the fuss was about, but at least I see the differences between a Topps Tiffany card and a regular old Topps card.

The regular Topps issue of Larkin's card (see here for comparison) looks exactly like this one, at least the front scan does.  What the front scan doesn't show is that the Topps Tiffany card has a UV coating on it and thus is much shinier than the dull regular issue Topps card.  From the scans, you can tell a difference with the back of the card - specifically with the type of cardboard used.  The regular Topps set uses a drab gray cardboard whereas Topps Tiffany uses a bright white cardboard.

While I'm certainly thankful to have another Larkin card to add to my collection, I am also thankful that Topps Tiffany is no more.  It's a completely meaningless parallel set - though it does make you wonder why Topps didn't simply make their base set a bit more "high class".  Perhaps if they had, Upper Deck wouldn't have been quite as amazing to most collectors as it was in 1989.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Glad I could help add to the Larkin colection and I'll admit to being with you on Tiffany: it's a needless parallel set. Like you said, why not make the flagship base better?

I remember when I was a kid that they were THE thing and no one remembers it!

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