Monday, February 07, 2011

2011 Topps Rack Pack #4

The rack packs hold 36 cards each (unless you get a relic, in which you get only 34 total cards):

Rack Pack #4:

Base cards:  
28 different (including 3 Reds:  Ramon Hernandez, Scott Rolen, Votto League Leader (Avg))


60 Years of Topps - The Lost Cards (seeded 1:4)
60YOTLC-2.  Duke Snider

Vintage Reproductions (seeded 1:2)
CMGR-21. Lou Gehrig

From the back of the pack, it appears each rack pack contains one of the following:
Kimball Champion (#KC-18. Andrew McCutchen)
Diamond Duos (#DD-LZ.  Evan Longoria & Ryan Zimmerman)
Diamond Parallel (#323.  C.J. Wilson)
Note:  I want ANY and ALL diamond parallels - see this post as I try to complete the entire set!
Topps 60 (#T60-16.  Carl Crawford)
Topps Town (#TT-23.  Evan Longoria)
60 Years of Topps (#60YOT-10.  Juan Marichal)

Of the four, this pack was by far the worst.  Boring inserts - and EVERY SINGLE base card was a duplicate.  In fact, two of the four rack packs had (I believe) the exact same assortment of base cards.  Not cool one bit.  This does mean I have quite a few cards available for trade however!


camclow said...

I have a Justin Morneau Diamond Parallel that I would trade for a Kimball (possibly McCutchen?) We could talk more and probably find some other stuff to send each other too.

get back to me:

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