Saturday, February 26, 2011

Delivery Time! Trade with Scott from Smed's Baseball Card Blog

I recently completed another trade with Scott from Smed's Baseball Card Blog.  The latest trade is actually the third such trade that Scott and I have made since last October (you can read about the first trade here and the second trade here).

Much like the previous trade, the latest envelope was chock full of cards - mostly 2011 Topps, but not completely.  There were simply too many cards (thanks Scott!) for me to list them all, so here's a few of my favorites:

Topps Diamond Parallel:
212.  Pedro Feliz

This card nets Scott another entry in my Complete Set (and other goodies) Giveaway Contest happening later this year.  As of the time I'm writing this post, I'm within eleven cards of the halfway mark for Series 1.  I'd really like to get to at least 80% complete before Series 2 comes out...otherwise my chances of completing the set are probably slim to none.  Any help is appreciated!

Topps Wal*Mart Parallels:
113.  Arthur Rhodes
249.  Aaron Harang

I've become so jaded and disenchanted with Wal*Mart that I refuse to go in there for anything unless I absolutely have to (and buying cards does not qualify as "having" to go in there).  As such, I no longer get the Wal*Mart these two are much appreciated!

Vintage Reproduction:
CMGR-8.  Cy Young
CMGR-17.  Jimmie Foxx

I like the Vintage Reproductions quite a bit, though I think the player selection could have been a bit more varied.  Even so, I understand Topps wanting to mostly have "big name" players of yore featured rather than your typical everyday player.

Scott also included a bunch of base cards that I needed, including this Edinson Volquez horizontal beauty.

Finally, there were plenty of non-2011 cards in the package.  Amongst the goodies, I found a Ken Griffey Jr. serially-numbered Spectrum card...

And a variety of 2009 UD Goodwin Champions mini cards!

Thanks for the great trade Scott - and as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


smedcards said...

I disdain Wal-Mart, but I wanted to check out their card selection. Today, Target here in EP had an entire end cap devoted to 2011 Topps: Blasters, rack packs, single packs, and a four-pack plus diamond giveaway pack.

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