Wednesday, March 23, 2011

National Chicle: Packs 23 and 24 - A Second Hit!

It's been a lot of fun busting this box of National Chicle - I only wish I gave it more of a shot back when it came out.  I've also updated my want list to reflect the cards that I am still missing from the set - there's quite a few since I only bought this one box plus a few assorted packs of Chicle last year.  It's also exciting that my retail box produced an autograph already - and as the title of the post suggests - a second hit in the last pack of the box!  Let's not waste any more time!

Pack 23:
7.  Joe Mauer

103.  Pablo Sandoval
140.  Javier Vazquez
148.  Chris Young
272.  Michael Brantley
138.  Scott Kazmir - National Chicle back

Well, not much to write home about there - the Kazmir National Chicle back is for trade.  Otherwise, it's just a bunch of fodder to help fill my set binder (which in and of itself isn't a bad thing since I do need the cards)!  Of course, you didn't read this post to see a bunch of are wondering about my hit!  Behold!  The last pack.

Pack 24:
18.  Josh Johnson
190.  Orlando Hudson
193.  Marc Rzepcynski
NCR-RC. Relic - Robinson Cano - National Chicle back (#009/199)

Wow!  Not only did I manage to pull two hits out of a retail box that didn't guarantee any - I managed to nab both an autograph and a rare relic card!  This particular Cano card is seeded 1:87 packs making it a fairly rare pull.  It's also a gorgeous card - the Yankee pinstripe is nicely framed by the design of the card.  I don't even like the Yankees and I find this card almost perfect.  The serially numbering is on the back of the card (see below).

Wow, as it turned out - this was a great box (especially since it was retail as I keep saying)!  I'll have my thoughts of the box as a whole in an upcoming post.


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