Saturday, March 19, 2011

Topps National Chicle: Packs 14 and 15

It's time to bust another couple of packs of Chicle.  I've had fun spreading the box out - but I can tell you at this point that I have opened the entire box...and there is at least one hit to be found - so stay tuned for that (it won't happen in these two packs).  There was a few decent cards though in packs 14 and 15, so overall, no complaints this time around!

Pack 14:
33.  Evan Longoria
57.  Kosuke Fukudome
78.  Bobby Abreu
132.  Bengie Molina
195.  Alex Rios
206.  Hank Greenberg - Bazooka Back
Retail Checklist 1

I suppose pulling a Bazooka back is cool (odds 1:8 packs) - and it's even better that it is of a retired player.  Even so, I think I would have rather had a regular short print...especially since I have visions of trying to complete this set (with a lot of help from blog readers I might add).  Once I finish sorting through the box, I think I'll be adding National Chicle to my want list - so please, if you have any lying around, start gathering them up for me!  I expect more than a few trade stacks will also be claimed by National Chicle cards in the near future!

Pack 15:
69.  Jose Reyes
124.  Carlos Zambrano
147.  Jon Lester
200.  Chipper Jones
252.  Duke Snider
305.  Lance Berkman

Finally, another short print!  The Berkman card is part of the Vintage Veterans subset (#s 301 - 310) and all are short-printed.  This is only the fourth short print in the box (according to the pack odds, I should expect to pull six short prints in total).  The Chipper Jones card is the "regular" Jones card, not the Babe Ruth / Chipper monstrosity that got everyone up in arms around the time of the product launch last year.


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