Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Delivery Time! Off the Wall Cards!

Shane (from Off the Wall) recently claimed Trade Stack #14 (plus I threw in some Red Sox).  In return, I got a couple of Topps 60 cards that I needed - plus a few other Reds goodies!

2011 Topps:
Topps 60:
T60-17.  Dale Murphy
Now that I've acquired both the Murphy (above) and the Adam Jones (below), I'm only waiting on one more card from the Topps 60 insert set.  Amazingly, I still need one base card (at least, as of the time of writing this post - #100).  I was supposed to receive #100 in a trade, but the trade appears to have fallen through even though I sent my portion off awhile back.  

T60-36.  Adam Jones
As I mentioned above, this was the second to last card from the Topps 60 set that I needed.  Now that I have it, there's only one card left for me to acquire (and it should be on its way to me already).  Definitely a great thing to have this set all but wrapped up before Series 2 hits stores!

Diamond Duos:
DD-VG.  Joey Votto & Adrian Gonzalez
This was a bonus card from Shane - but I've added it to my 2011 Topps cards for trade since I already had it for my personal collection (I finished the Diamond Duos set awhile ago).

Target throwback cards:
63.  Edinson Volquez

110.  Aroldis Chapman
I happen to like the 2011 version of Topps quite a bit.  However, I would LOVE it if the base set were actually the Target throwback cards.  I'm sick of the white glossy card stock for the base set - bring back the cardboard backs Topps!  The Target cards simply "feel" like a baseball card ought to - at least they do in my book.

Thanks for the cards Shane!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


ShaneK said...

Thanks again for the trade. Glad I could get you closer to that "60" set!

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