Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Second 2011 Topps Heritage Blaster: Packs 1 and 2

It's official, I have the Heritage bug once again...  This is the second blaster of Heritage that I've purchased...which goes along with the three pack blister that I also purchased.  Let's hope I continue getting cards that I need!

Pack 1:
50.  Albert Pujols

172.  Dusty Baker

174.  Jon Garland
191.  Ryan Dempster
193.  Miguel Tejada
297.  Jonathan Broxton
357.  Brett Anderson
415.  Dexter Fowler
BF-3.  Baseball Flashback:  Roger Maris

Not a bad way to begin - a Reds manager card (that I needed) plus a Baseball Flashback card that is up for trade (hopefully it will net me a short print or two).  The Pujols is also a nice card, mostly because people tend to not want to trade away their Pujols cards to me!

Pack 2:
59.  AL Strikeout Leaders
76.  Freddie Freeman

95.  Ryan Zimmerman
121.  Buck Showalter

160.  Garrett Jones
333.  Lucas Duda  (the only duplicate for me from the first two packs of the blaster)
339.  J.J. Hardy
413.  Chris Young
TN-1.  Then & Now:  Harmon Killebrew & Jose Bautista

Two packs, two inserts, not too shabby.  Both the Then & Now (1:15) and the Baseball Flashbacks (1:12) are seeded less than one per blaster, so finding one of each in the first two packs is beating the odds.  On the other hand, that means there are only six packs left for me to find some short prints - and for my set collecting purposes, the short prints are actually more valuable!


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