Friday, May 13, 2011

Delivery Time! Trade with my Brother! (Part 2)

I already wrote about the first part of the gigantic trade with my brother in an earlier post, now it's time to take a look at the second half of the swap.

First up for today's post, a huge stack of 2011 Topps Heritage!  I ended up with a lot of base cards, plus he sent me six short prints that I still needed...

442.  Kevin Gregg
470.  Carl Crawford
479.  Lucas Harrell
480.  Aubrey Huff
487.  Drew Stubbs
493.  Rookie Parade (Tomlin, Gomez, Doubront, Arrieta, & Oliver)

And he sent me the last missing checklist that I needed.  Now, many of you probably don't bother collecting checklists, but as a set collector, I love having them in my binder to go with the set!

In addition to the Heritage cards, he also helped me inch closer to full 2011 Topps Series I completion by sending me the following:

100.  Albert Pujols

I needed this card for the longest time - and then all of the sudden, I received two copies of it within two days!  This one is available for trade - you can find my full 2011 Topps "For Trade" list by clicking on the link.

60 Years of Topps - The Lost Years:
60YOTLC-5.  Stan Musial

Here's another card that I ended up receiving two of within a couple days time, this one is also available for trade.  In fact, if you haven't completed the 60 Years of Topps - The Lost Years, as of the time I'm writing this post I have seven of the ten cards available for trade!  You could, theoretically, almost trade for the complete set!

Vintage Reproductions:
CMGR-2.  Babe Ruth
CMGR-18.  Johnny Mize & Enos Slaughter
CMGR-28.  Ty Cobb

Here are some cards that I actually needed still for my set.  In fact, I almost have the Vintage Reproductions set finished off, I am only missing cards 9 and 20.  You can find my full 2011 Topps want list here.

Finally, as if that wasn't all enough, my brother managed to sneak in a few of the regular 60 Years of Topps cards that I needed - and when I say a few, I actually mean nine.
1.  Jackie Robinson
4.  Ernie Banks
7.  Pee Wee Reese
9.  Stan Musial
21.  Rod Carew
24.  Carl Yastrzemski
27.  Phil Niekro & Nolan Ryan
41.  Frank Thomas
43.  Mike Piazza

Thanks for all the great cards bro!  I was glad to be able to help you finish off your set as well.  And, of course, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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