Thursday, June 30, 2011

Barry Larkin Collection 107: 1997 Donruss Team Sets MVP - #8 (#/1000)

Barry Larkin
Year:  1997
Brand:  Donruss Team Sets MVP
Card number:  8

It's not often that I don't know what a certain Barry Larkin card is (or at least what set it is from), mostly because Larkin's prime occurred before the idea of crazy parallels really took off.  However, once in awhile I get a Larkin card that I really have no idea what set it belongs to - such as this one.  This particular Larkin came in a trade with Joe (which you can read about here).  He even included a note saying that he didn't know what set it belonged to (which made two of us).  Luckily, I have a great bunch of readers because within minutes of that blog being posted one person said what set it was from while a second person verified (a big thanks to both SpastikMooss and Mark A.)!

As for the card itself, it's got a foil type finish to the background while the image of Larkin has no foil.  The back of the card has the serial numbering (this one happens to be #0046/1000) along with a short write-up and a single line of career statistics.  I appreciate having statistics, but if you are making a card of a non-retired player, one line of career stats doesn't do it for me.  All told, it's a pretty nice card - and a great addition for my collection given the fact that it is a pretty rare card from a set that I've never even heard of until now!


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