2011 Topps Lineage Case Review: Box #4

I've already done a full review of all the cards in Box #3 from my case, so let's take a bit more abbreviated look at Box #4.

There was, of course, a whole bunch of base cards (but you don't care about those anymore).  As for the inserts...

I got a Hanley Ramirez box topper.  This is available for trade (and I know there are a bunch of Hanley collectors out there)!

As for the two-per-box inserts, I ended up pulling the following:

Sandy Koufax
Jose Bautista

Topps 3D:
Hunter Pence
Jason Heyward

Cloth Stickers:
Roy Halladay
Jason Heyward

Yep, it was a Jason Heyward kind of box!  Actually, it was a pretty heavy Braves box as I also ended up with two Braves from the 1975 mini set:  Hank Aaron and Chipper Jones.

For myself, I pulled two Reds inserts - both of Aroldis Chapman.

Finally, the hits:

The relic was a Dodger - somehow that didn't surprise me at all since I seem to pull more Dodger hits than any other team on the planet.  Luckily, there are a lot of Dodger collectors out there so it's usually not a terrible thing.

And the autographs:

The sticker autograph sucked - Matt Harrison of the Rangers.  I have no idea who he is - and I don't care.  This one's for trade.

The on-card auto though was a good one - Del Crandall!  And yes, that's yet another Brave!

All in all, not the best of boxes but (at least for me), certainly not the worst of boxes.  I really enjoy pulling on card autos of retired players, even if they aren't all Hall of Famers!

What do you think of the box?  As always, I'm interested to hear what you've got to say!


  1. Nice, I've got a Del Crandall vintage myself forgot the year though.

  2. There are a lot of us Dodger collectors, but there's only one of us who has the Reds in a certain box break.

  3. The Hanley is available, shoot me an email.

    Which group break is that Night Owl?

  4. madding's Fleer break.


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