Delivery Time! Reds from All Tribe Baseball!

It's time for another dip in the 'ol mailbag.  Today's package is from Jack over at All Tribe Baseball.  As you can tell from my sidebar, I've completed well over 100 trades so far this year - four or five of which have been with Jack.  However, this particular package wasn't part of any single trade - rather Jack and I have gotten into a bit of a "send stuff for free as we get it" lately (which is awesome) - and that's exactly what you see here.

As for what I got?

Well, two main parts:

First, a "Favorite Team Pack" of 25 cards from the Reds.
My scanner doesn't like scanning three-dimensional things.  (And don't get me started, I know tha technically all cards are know what I mean.)

Second, 7 different Barry Larkin cards.  Each of the Larkin cards will get their own chance to shine so you'll just have to deal with the jumbled pile until then...

Now, let's crack open that Favorite Team Pack shall we?
*Note:  After watching the video, it's clear I was a bit cynical...but remember, the vast majority of the players in the package played on some of the worst Reds teams in the last 30 years...  You can't really blame me!

Thanks for the cards Jack!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade check out my want list and make an offer!