Topps Lineage Group Break: 2010 UD - Pack 21

I know, I know.  You are all anxiously awaiting the rest of box 1 of the Topps Lineage box.  Well, that will be broken shortly (I still haven't ripped a single pack "ahead" of writing a post so I truly have no idea what we might find yet).  That said, we still have a few more 2010 UD packs to get through as well since I didn't get them all ripped and scanned before the case arrived.  Let's bust another pack of UD as a bit of a Lineage break.  Can't have my readers getting burned out right?

I also didn't notice this whenever I ripped the card but I did pull a serially numbered card of a Brave already.  The Jair Jurrjens card is numbered 61/99 on the front in gold foil.  Somehow I missed that when I originally busted whatever pack it was in.  Sorry about that (but hey, it's like a delayed hit for the Braves so that's cool)!

2010 UD:
Pack 21:

572.  Jones and Kawakami - Braves Checklist - Braves
554.  Angel Stadium

110.  Kosuke Fukudome - Cubs
538.  Garrett Mock - Nationals
237.   Bud Norris - Astros
456.  Mark Lowe - Mariners
502.  Derek Holland - Rangers
190.  Aaron Cook - Rockies
S-87.  Supreme:  Shane Victorino - Phillies

SB-26.  Season Biography:  Ryan Howard - Phillies

316.  Joe Nathan - Twins
485.  Dan Wheeler - Rays
181.  Ian Stewart - Rockies
281.  Russell Martin - Dodgers
234.  Wandy Rodriguez - Astros
261.  Howie Kendrick - Angels
91.  Dustin Pedroia - Red Sox
11.  Reid Gorecki - Braves

This box has been quite good to the Phillies - the hit was a Phillie and now a couple more inserts for the men in Philadelphia.  Even so, I think the Upper Deck box was a nice addition for all the teams since it will give everyone a decent sized stack of cards regardless of what happens with the Topps Lineage boxes.  I know I always hate group breaks where I don't get anything other a base card or two (at best).  Based on the team stacks, everyone will get a decent number of cards for sure - and of course, there are plenty of relics, autos, and other inserts to spice up most team stacks.