Topps Lineage Group Break: 2010 UD - Pack 9

The good news is the case of Lineage (of which the two boxes are coming out of) has been shipped!  The bad news is that I have a lot of Upper Deck to get through...probably won't get through all the packs before the case is here (especially with 18 cards per pack, the write-up posts take quite a bit of time)!  I guess I ought to stop talking and start typing...

Pack 9:

553.  Kauffman Stadium - Royals

The back of the card talks all about the fountains and pools in the stadium, and yet, the front of the card shows a statue and a lot cement.  What a let down Upper Deck.
445.  Ken Griffey Jr. - Mariners

This is a nice looking Griffey card - of course, Upper Deck almost always seems to pump out nice looking Griffeys, something about him being their spokesperson for awhile I guess.
589.  Jeter and Rivera - Yankees Checklist - Yankees

Not a bad pack so far, three cards in and I've felt compelled to scan all three!
163.  Trevor Crowe - Indians
There we go, a card that I don't feel warrants a scan.
427.  Aaron Rowand - Giants
451.  Ichiro - Mariners

This has been a solid pack for the Mariners so far, an Ichiro and a Griffey Jr.  
139.  Gavin Floyd - White Sox
537.  Ross Detwiler - Nationals
AW-5.  All World:  Daisuke Matsuzaka - Red Sox

Another die-cut insert card, this is our second All World insert of the box already.  I do wish that Upper Deck would state pack odds so that I know what to expect from the box! 
SB-11.  Season Biography:  Ken Griffey Jr.

And now the Mariners are leaping for joy - a second Griffey, this one is an insert, plus the nice Ichiro above!
301.  Mitch Stetter - Brewers
489.  J.P. Howell - Rays
185.  Chris Ianetta - Rockies
406.  Drew Macias - Padres
89.  Jeremy Guthrie - Orioles
488.  Jeff Niemann - Rays
22.  Cesar Ramos - Padres
56.  Jordan Schafer - Braves

I would call that pack a success!