Topps Lineage Group Break: Can We Fill it Up Tonight?

I announced a Topps Lineage 2 Box Group Break a few days ago - and I fully expect the case from which the two boxes are coming from will arrive tomorrow (or Tuesday at the latest).   As of this moment, there are SIX slots remaining.  Remember, it's $15.00 for the first slot and only $12.00 for each slot after that. Also, if ALL the slots are claimed, I'm throwing in an unopened box of 2010 Upper Deck (which contains one hit according to the box).

There are only SIX SLOTS REMAINING.  I'd really like to fill this thing all the way up and add in that third box for fun!

Available slots:
  • Florida Marlins/Tampa Bay Rays
  • Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Oakland Athletics
  • San Diego Padres
  • Toronto Blue Jays
I will consider any offers if someone wants to claim multiple remaining teams...sorry, but I can't offer a discount on a single team, not with shipping plus the costs associated with the boxes.
    Please sign up on the main page!  Thank you!