Topps Lineage Group Break: How about a 1:1,190 packs card?!

You read the title let's see the pack that I've hinted at but not shown...

Pack 22:

6.  Carlos Beltran - Mets
14.  Kendrys Morales - Angels
104.  Miguel Montero - Diamondbacks
168.  Delmon Young - Twins
160.  1975 Mini:  Stephen Strasburg - Nationals

AJR-20.  60th Anniversary Jumbo Relic:  Johnny Bench - Reds (#ed 05/25)

HOW ABOUT THAT?!  You can imagine my shock and surprise when I opened the pack containing that bad boy!  I've had some pretty amazing group breaks lately, and while this one goes to me, it doesn't make it any less awesome for the break as a whole!  I don't think I've ever pulled a jersey swatch so large (obviously I don't buy high end stuff 'cuz I'm poor).  The fact that it is numbered out of 25 is just icing on the cake.  Unfortunately, I could use the money though, so I'm terribly torn as to what I should do with this card.  If I had a triple digit offer for it (no Bench cards were on eBay yet as of the time I wrote this post)...well, triple digits is a lot of money!

And, so that you know there were no funny shenanigans since I ordered a full case, here are the six hits along with the eight unopened boxes.

And here are the final* group break statistics (remember, NONE of the Upper Deck cards are included in the totals below).

Finally*, I promised that if I were to get a Reds hit, I'd give away one of the hits from my own Lineage boxes.  Well, I (obviously) haven't opened any of my own boxes yet, but the first relic (since that is what the Reds card was) I find will go to whichever team it belongs to.  Thus, there will be six hits being mailed out (plus a seventh from the Upper Deck box).

I sincerely hope everyone has enjoyed the group break!  I know I didn't get to offer as much commentary per pack as I usually do - but I've had to write most of these while keeping one eye on my puppy.  Speaking of which, after two full days of doing well in the house she just made a mess on the carpet in the room next to me...and then tried to do the same in here (luckily I had my eye on her as she was about to try).  Potty training puppies is hard (and aggravating). 


  1. WOW! Great hit for you. I wouldn't let it go even for 3 digits. If it were a Mets card and I sold it I surely think I would regret it after the fact.

    Thanks for another great break.

  2. Overall a great break, congrats on the Bench card! If that were a Jays relic, I'd be very hard pressed to let it go.

  3. I would keep it. No doubts.

  4. Great break, I love the Bench. I was able to pick up a McCovey like that for my PC at a reasonable price. You should keep the Bench.

    Once you crack the rest of those boxes, let me know if you get any Giants hits you would want to trade or sell. I was bummed I didn't get in on this break in time, hopefully I can get in on the next one.


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