Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Barry Larkin Collection 111: 1990 Fleer - League Standouts - #1

Barry Larkin
Year:  1990
Brand:  Fleer
Insert set:  League Standouts
Card number:  No. 1

In 1990, Fleer produced an insert set called League Standouts that were available only in rack packs.  The set consisted of six different players (Larkin, Mattingly, Strawberry, Canseco, Boggs, and Grace).  All of the cards had a similar design - that is, a repeated version of the player's photo on the front in a psuedo-action shot and a huge block of dense text on the back.

Personally, I love this card.  It fits in with the 1990 Fleer set, and yet, it remains "special" when side-by-side with other cards from the set.  If I were the one buying cards back in 1990, it would have annoyed me that there were only six different cards in the rack pack only set...that wouldn't take many rack packs until the doubles really started to accumulate.  However, I wasn't buying cards in '90 since I was only eight years old...so that isn't a fair complaint for me to have about the card!


camclow said...

That's a nice Larkin. I posted a couple Larkin cards in my 90's Cardboard article. If you're interested in me sending them to you let me know! Here they are:

my email is cameronclow12@gmail.com

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