Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Group Break: 1999 Topps Finest - Packs 5, 6, 7, and 8

I feel like pack 5 has a bunch of doubles - but I'm much to lazy to check to see if they are all doubles...  Still, not cool given that we've only opened up 4 packs to this point of the product.

Pack 5:
10.  Tony Clark - Tigers
51.  Paul O'Neil - Yankees

64.  Ray Durham - White Sox
65.  Orlando Hernandez - Yankees
87.  Jason Kendall - Pirates
135.  Adam Everett - Red Sox

There's no clear winner here other than the Yankees with a pair of base cards (including O'Neil - one of the few players who played for the Yankees that I didn't hate)!  That's the Yankees fifth pack win so far (the next closest is the Pirates with 3 wins).

Pack 6: 
10.  Tony Clark - Tigers
25.  Frank Thomas - White Sox
34.  Mike Mussina - Orioles
65.  Orlando Hernandez - Yankees
67.  Jaret Wright - Indians
111.  Roger Clemens - Blue Jays

Do any of those cards look familiar to you?  Sheesh.  Collation in this box has been putrid thus far...  I guess the best card in the pack is probably the Roger Clemens card as much as it pains me to say it.  That gives the Blue Jays their second pack win (tying them with the White Sox, Reds, and Astros).

I was originally only going to open two packs for this post (as per my usual) but all the duplicates really made me angry so let's crack open two more packs...

Pack 7:
11.  Scott Brosius - Yankees
25.  Frank Thomas - White Sox
34.  Mike Mussina - Orioles
67.  Jaret Wright - Indians
124.  Kerry Wood - Cubs
109.  Refractor:  Sammy Sosa - Cubs

A bunch more duplicates but the Sammy Sosa refractor more than makes up for the rest of the pack.  Refractors are seeded 1:12 packs so we ought to still get one more.  Congrats to the Cubs on landing the refractor and the Kerry Wood and earning a dominating pack win.

Pack 8:
22.  John Valentin - Red Sox
27.  Dmitri Young - Reds
28.  Rick Reed - Mets
44.  Matt Lawton - Twins
49.  Bob Abreu - Phillies
104.  Mark McGwire - Cardinals

Not the best pack but at least it full of mostly new cards for the break.  I'll give the Cardinals the win as the McGwire is clearly the best card in the pack.


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